Top 10 Most Beautiful School Libraries

School libraries – a place where you can usually find peace, tranquility, concentration and inspiration, so if your school library is similar to one of these, then you’re in luck. Below are listed top 10 most beautiful school libraries in the world. Imagine Education in those beautiful architectural masterpieces full with books that can entertain … Read more

Wooden Library in China

The amazing Wooden Library has been built in small village of Huairou, located near Beijing in China. The Liyuan Library is fully designed and developed by Chinese architecture and design studio “Li Xiaodong Atelier”. The entire educational project was build using wood as well as other traditional natural building materials.

Educational Experience Ties in with Scholarships

The Art Institutes 2013 Poster Design Competition is giving scholars and high school graduates the opportunity to receive thousands in financial aid. The goal is to create a poster focusing on its theme “You Can Create Tomorrow”. The poster must be 8.5”x11” or at a maximum of 11”x17” and include a statement describing the poster’s concept as … Read more

School Classrooms Around the World

German photographer Julian Germain started his amazing photoshoot named “Classroom Portraits” in 2004 year and since then he documented a lot information from different cultures. Watching today’s gallery you will be able to to see and imagine education from different cultures around the world…

The International Summit of World’s Future Leaders Coming to Pittsburgh

The thriving leaders of tomorrow are here today and they are in great numbers. One Young World for Young Leaders is hosting their third yearly summit in Pittsburgh from October 18-22. Approximately 1,500 young men and women are representing 190 countries across the globe for an event that promotes networking, leadership growth, and the discussion of present-day … Read more

Schools Out Gardening Is In

For kids, getting outdoors and getting their hands dirty means a great summer. Kids can also explore, by actively learning how to grow food and how to plant the earth. Miracle- Gro is helping parents to push their kids in this healthy and exciting summer adventure! From growing vegetable gardens to small herb plants, Miracle-Gro … Read more

Creative Workspaces

I always imagine to have beautiful workspace in my house. Working from your home is a special thing and you have possibility to decorate your home office the way you want. If you are looking for inspiration for your home educational and work center, you are on the right place. We collected the gallery of … Read more