Schools Out Gardening Is In

For kids, getting outdoors and getting their hands dirty means a great summer. Kids can also explore, by actively learning how to grow food and how to plant the earth. Miracle- Gro is helping parents to push their kids in this healthy and exciting summer adventure!

From growing vegetable gardens to small herb plants, Miracle-Gro is giving you the expert tips and educational tools you need. Gardening is a way to teach kids about science, nature and how things grow, and, says Miracle-Gro spokesperson William Moss, a “fun, simple and interactive” activity for you and your family.

There are three simple, most effective tips to ensure that blossoming garden. Choose the right soil, with Miracle-Gro Expand ʻn Gro Concentrated Planting Mix, which can be used in pots or in the ground. Water deeply, knowing that the summer season has the tendency to get dry quicker than expected. Feed your plants, they need nutrition to grow, just like your family.
The only way to ensure your kids will get off the couch and turn off the video games is to give them something theyʼll love doing. This year, schoolʼs out, gardening is in, with Scottʼs Miracle-Gro.

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