High School Scholars Honored by Wendy’s

High school students have been honored since 1994 for the excellence in the classroom as well as outside the school. They are recognized by the Wendys High School Heisman Award Program and have aided these young men and women in pursuing their goals for the future. The program sponsored by one of the largest fast food chains, Wendy’s, supports integrity in young adults who look to use their achievements for the good of their communities as well as education. Those who give 110% in academics as well as athletics, are to be inspired by what the program offers.

The collaboration between Wendy’s High School Heisman Program and The Heisman Memorial Trophy has united to pay tribute to the high school seniors who want to advance their education to the college level and make a success. Twelve finalists have been announced. They are: Tessa Brooks, Trent Hosick, Margaret Midkiff, Samuel Prakel, Zoe Alaniz, Kaitlyn Kent, Jack Twomey-Kozak, Avalon Frantz, Tyler Hoffman, Daniel Johnson, Casey Pearsall, and Tyler Meidell. ACT Inc., leader in educational testing and services, chose the finalists and will be determining the new national winner. For more information, please visit www.wendyshighschoolheisman.com.

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