The International Summit of World’s Future Leaders Coming to Pittsburgh

The thriving leaders of tomorrow are here today and they are in great numbers. One Young World for Young Leaders is hosting their third yearly summit in Pittsburgh from October 18-22. Approximately 1,500 young men and women are representing 190 countries across the globe for an event that promotes networking, leadership growth, and the discussion of present-day issues afflicting the world. Many international companies such as Microsoft, Hewlett Packard, and Unilever have given their support by allowing their officers speak at the conference.

The International Summit of World’s Future Leaders Coming to Pittsburgh and this year, the opening keynote will be delivered by Former President Bill Clinton and well- respected counselors including author Fatima Bhutto, Huffington Post founder and CEO Arianna Huffington, and chef Jamie Oliver will assist debates in their related fields. Topics are chosen and ambassadors will give presentations following a question and answer section in which representatives will bring back to their home countries. Ideas will bloom from identifying global problems and allowing ambassadors to pass on the information learned from this important summit. This event will be a memorable one. For more information on how to attend the international summit and for media inquiries, please visit

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