The Circle of Home School Education

The shape of education and learning has evolved over time. From mastering in your own home , to a single room institution  which functioned as the classroom for kids of many ages, to academic institutions located in huge buildings where pupils get access to resources which was once available to the best educational facilities, schools … Read more

Kia Corporate Social Responsibility

What are profits without purpose? What is success without community? What is privilege without responsibility? Like many of the worldʼs top companies, KIA knows the answers to these questions: not much. Thatʼs why, the KIA corporate social responsibility efforts are taking a stand to fight for public education and children all over the country. They are teaming … Read more

Google London Office

Google recently opened his London office based in stylish part of the town Soho. The interior design is mixture of the modern and 80’s style. Since Google is leading company in many industries, the employers that work here need to clear their mind in order to have better work environment. The office features a lot … Read more

Unite To Fight Against Anaphylaxis

Anaphylaxis is an extreme, life-threatening allergic reaction in which the whole body is affected in minutes. Mylan Specialty, L.P. and “Modern Family” actress Julie Bowen have teamed up in order to put their efforts towards education society with “Raise their Hand for Anaphylaxis Awareness,” a competition amongst school districts to show awareness of this condition. … Read more

Drawing The World Map From Memory

Using education, we all are able to remember things better! Thousand of facts and informations can bee stored in our mind. When it comes to photographic memory, there are just a few people who managed it and learned  to use it correctly. In today’s article we have a Chinesse professor who is able to recreate … Read more