Kia Corporate Social Responsibility

What are profits without purpose? What is success without community? What is privilege without responsibility? Like many of the worldʼs top companies, KIA knows the answers to these questions: not much.

Thatʼs why, the KIA corporate social responsibility efforts are taking a stand to fight for public education and children all over the country. They are teaming up with, an organization that has spent years committed to raising money for kids in need. Together, their efforts will benefit more than 125,000 public school students nationwide

Along with a direct, one million dollar donation to public schools, KIA motors, one of the fastest-growing automotive makers in the world, will also spearhead the “Double Your Impact” campaign, generating more than two million dollars for school supplies and educational resources, for this year alone.

The campaign-generated donations will go to fund 50 percent of classroom projects across the country, including KIAʼs headquarters in California and their assembly plants in Georgia. From one coast to another, childrenʼs chances at education will grow one book, one desk, one computer at a time.

Bringing classroom projects to life is the way to raise communities, inspire children, and bring a greater world, and thatʼs why KIA is taking this effort to the top.

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