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Drawing the world map from memory

Using education, we all are able to remember things better! Thousand of facts and informations can bee stored in our mind. When it comes to photographic memory, there are just a few people who managed it and learned  to use it correctly. In today’s article we have a Chinesse professor who is able to recreate and draw the whole world map using only his memory. The number of details is just stunning and it is real fun to watch his progress from picture to picture….


Unite to Fight Against Anaphylaxis

Anaphylaxis is an extreme, life-threatening allergic reaction in which the whole body is affected in minutes. Mylan Specialty, L.P. and “Modern Family” actress Julie Bowen have teamed up in order to put their efforts towards education society with “Raise their Hand for Anaphylaxis Awareness,” a competition amongst school districts to show awareness of this condition. It has been found that 1 in 13 American children have some form of a food allergy. A study for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has found that food allergies have increased by 18% from 1997 to 2007.


Interesting Facts about Human Body

I sometimes do not realize how education, facts and science can be fun and interesting. As example, we collected more than 20 awesome facts about human body and i bet you cannot stop reading them until you reach the bottom of page. The most interesting fact is there is so much things we are not aware when it comes to our bodies, they way they work and the way we live. Because of this, just take a few moments of time and educate yourself about something new today…


The Outstanding Tribute to Nelson Mandela

Marco Cianfanelli, the South African artist and designer created a outstanding Nelson  Mendela statue in honor of the 50-year celebration of his incarceration. The monument is made of 50 independent steel bars and is positioned on the very same place of his arrest that happened beneath apartheid rule in 1962.


Top 10 Most Beautiful School Libraries

School libraries – a place where you can usually find peace, tranquility, concentration and inspiration, so if your school library is similar to one of these, then you’re in luck. Below are listed top 10 most beautiful school libraries in the world. Imagine Education in those beautiful architectural masterpieces full with books that can entertain us for the next thousand years… We’re sorry we don’t know the name of the each school and library but if you do recognize any of them do let us know in comments…


Wooden Library in China

The amazing Wooden Library has been built in small village of Huairou, located near Beijing in China. The Liyuan Library is fully designed and developed by Chinese architecture and design studio “Li Xiaodong Atelier”. The entire educational project was build using wood as well as other traditional natural building materials.


Educational Experience Ties in with Scholarships

The Art Institutes 2013 Poster Design Competition is giving scholars and high school graduates the opportunity to receive thousands in financial aid. The goal is to create a poster focusing on its theme “You Can Create Tomorrow”. The poster must be 8.5”x11” or at a maximum of 11”x17” and include a statement describing the poster’s concept as well as the reason of wanting to go to one of The Art Institutes schools.


High School Scholars Honored by Wendy’s

High school students have been honored since 1994 for the excellence in the classroom as well as outside the school. They are recognized by the Wendys High School Heisman Award Program and have aided these young men and women in pursuing their goals for the future. The program sponsored by one of the largest fast food chains, Wendy’s, supports integrity in young adults who look to use their achievements for the good of their communities as well as education. Those who give 110% in academics as well as athletics, are to be inspired by what the program offers.

The collaboration between Wendy’s High School Heisman Program and The Heisman Memorial Trophy has united to pay tribute to the high school seniors who want to advance their education to the college level and make a success. Twelve finalists have been announced. They are: Tessa Brooks, Trent Hosick, Margaret Midkiff, Samuel Prakel, Zoe Alaniz, Kaitlyn Kent, Jack Twomey-Kozak, Avalon Frantz, Tyler Hoffman, Daniel Johnson, Casey Pearsall, and Tyler Meidell. ACT Inc., leader in educational testing and services, chose the finalists and will be determining the new national winner. For more information, please visit www.wendyshighschoolheisman.com. (more…)

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